Wonderful Beach Time with Your kids

The happiest and sweetest thing is to enjoy the holiday time with your families on the beach.

When it comes to the sea, we often think of sea breezes, sunshine, sea waves and sea gulls hovering over the sea. Before you go to the beach, you must make full preparations for sun protection. For there are no natural shade for protecting you from the sun, besides, the sand and the sea water will reflect the heat of the sun. Therefore, you need to do sun protection for yourself and your families, especially for your kids. Children’s skin is tender and delicate that they cannot stay for a long time in the sun.

Here we have concluded some tips for sun protection.

No. 1 Apply the sunscreen

Wearing sunscreen is the easiest and most convenient way to protect you from getting sunburned. The best way to apply the sunscreen is to slather the cream when you are totally naked. You should apply it on your whole body, including your face, legs, arms and neck and any parts that will be exposed to the sun.

Besides, you should choose a sunscreen with water-repellent features if you are going to swim or surf on the water.

No. 2 Build an oasis

A sun umbrella may not come in the first to your mind. You may think why I need a sun umbrella while playing on the water. Before your kids get tired of running or just want to lie in their mom’s arms, you have to find some shade. There is no natural shelter on the beach, so you may need to build a shade fortress, for example, a tent or a large sun umbrella provide your family with enough room and your will be fully protected. Then you can lie on the beach chair to enjoy peaceful and harmony time.

No. 3 Wearing a pair of sunglasses

The sunlight is pretty harsh that it will sting your eyes when it is sunny days. Thus, you need a pair of sunglasses to keep your eyes out of ultraviolet rays. In outdoor activities, especially in the summer, sunglasses are needed to block the sun to reduce the fatigue caused by eye adjustment or the damage caused by strong sunlight. Wear sunglasses with blue lenses for playing fun activities on the beach. Blue can effectively filter the light blue reflected from the sea and sky.

No. 4 Wearing a sun hat

If you kids are very active for the beach and they want to run around in there, wearing a sun hat is the best way to protect them from the sun. Sun hats with wide brim can protect your face, ears and neck. There are many kinds of sun hats in the market. Here I would like to recommend you the fabulous bucket hat uk that can be worn in most occasions, like fishing, camping, hiking and more. Bucket hats for the beach can protect you from the sun as well as to keep off the glare from your eyes. The hat comes with many colors and design patterns, you can choose some hats with floral pattern if you like, or you just select the solid-colored one, such as white, black and more.