Tips to Choose a Bucket Hat for Your Kids

Children’s playful and curious characters make them love to explore the unknown world. Once they go out to play, they would never think of the time. However, if the children stay outdoors for a long time in summer, their delicate skin will be sunburned. If it happens, they may have some symptoms, like pain, dehydration, and even fever. Therefore, it is very important to protect your kids from the sun’s rays. The bucket hat is a must-have sunhat in summer to protect your kids from the harmful rays. Here’s what you need to know when you choose a bucket hat for your children.

Firstly, choose a bucket hat with a high UV protection factor (UPF). The UV protection factor is similar to the sun protection factor (SPF) of the sunscreen we use in our daily lives. The only difference is that UPF is for clothing, not lotions. UPF rating is also an important factor for evaluating the effectiveness of a hat’s sun protection.

If a piece of clothing or hat has a UPF of 30, it means that only 1/30th of the sun’s UV radiation will pass through the fabric and onto the human skin. The higher of the UPF rating of the hat, the higher sun protection it can offer.

Secondly, choose a hat with a wide brim. You should choose a bucket hat with the brim that should be wide and long enough to provide enough shade for your child’s face. It also can provide extra sun protection for their nose, ears and neck. You can use a bucket hat of the same length as the brim for extra protection.

Thirdly, choose a bucket hat with a chin strap. Chin straps can be tied around the child’s chin, and it is not only good for babies but also for older kids, especially for those who like to play on the beach. A bucket hat with a chin strap will keep the hat from blowing away when it is windy. For children who can’t stand the restraint of the tight chin strap, you can choose to use a drawstring cord instead. It also prevents the hat from blowing away under windy conditions. If you use a drawstring cord of straps on the chin, it is best to have a breakaway chin strap to prevent the child from choking.

Fourthly, choose a bucket hat with a sweatband. When your children are out and playing in the summer, they are energetic enough to play for several hours so that they are likely to sweat a lot. One reason is because the weather is so hot, and the other reason is that the child is very active. You may be content to sit in the shade and watch your children play in the distance. They will run around and have no any scruples for the sun. Because they sweat a lot, it will be good if the hat has a sweatband built in to absorb all the sweat on the forehead and to keep their head cool.

These are four factors you should consider when choose a bucket hat for your children, as well as for other hats.

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