Dress Your Children in a Bucket Hat

Most of children like to go out to play; they do not want to stay at home or in the arms of their mothers all the time. It is likely to be sunburned when the child is playing outside for a long time in the hot summer. Because the child’s skin is very delicate, they may have a series of symptoms after being sunburned, such as erythema, peeling, even more serious with large area of blisters appear on the surface of the skin. The harm of sunburn to the children is more than this. Studies have shown that as long as there is one sunburn experience in childhood, it may cause a risk of melanoma (the same risk of death as skin cancer), and even wrinkles will appear in adulthood. Therefore, it is very important to do a good sun protection for your kids.  

When it comes to sun protection, mothers always use all kinds of tools to protect their kids from the sun, such as sunscreen, sun-proof clothing and sunhat. A sun hat is a good idea for protecting your kids’ skin from getting sunburn. There are many kinds of sun hat that are different in shapes, styles and degree of UV protection what they can offer. As far as I’m concerned, the bucket hat is a good sun hat for your kids to spend a long time in the hot sun, meanwhile, it can be the decoration for your kids.

Bucket hats for kids may have many available choices and ways of collocation. Your kids do not know how to match the hat with the clothing, so it all depends on their parents. If their mothers love beauty or they are good at matching, it is easy and quick for them to dress for their kids. Here are some ways of matching a bucket hat with the clothing for your kids.

This bucket hat can be used as two hats in one because it has two-sided patterns on the hat. Its reversible design lets your kids choose between wearing a solid colored style on one side and a brightly-colored pattern on the other side, which means your kids have two ways to wear this bucket hat. The fabric of the hat is comfortable enough for your kids’ wearing.

This hat is great for babies because it has an adjustable chin strap that will fit around babies’ chins. It is unisex that is suitable for both baby boys and baby girls. The chin strap breaks away to help your children avoid choking hazards. The bucket hat has a wide brim that gives a 360 degree of sun protection for your kids’ face, nose, ears and neck. The adorable patterns on the hat will be harmony to coordinate with whatever your kids are wearing.

The top of the bucket hat has breathable mesh holes, which offers ventilation function to the hat. It will make you kids’ head keep breathable and cool even in the hot sun. The chin strap is removable and adjustable in case your kids don’t want to wear it.

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