The Most Considerate Care Begins with a Bucket Hat

Do you want your children to play outdoors, but you are worried about sun protection? If so, you should choose a good sunhat for your children. This hat allows them to spend a carefree, happy childhood in the sun, while protecting their delicate skin from harmful UV rays.

On sunny days, kids’ ears and scalps will be burned in just a few minutes on a sunny day, so it is very important to protect these sensitive areas. Because they have nature of purity, fun and curiosity, wearing a sunhat is a quick and easy way to protect them from the hot sun.

Kids bucket hat is a good idea for newborns. You can tie the hat under your kids’ chin, so that it can stay on their head.

A newborn’s skin is very delicate, thus they cannot stay for a long time in the hot sun. Otherwise, it is easy to get sunburned. If they stay for a very long time in the sun, it might cause them to dehydrate. If you want your children to avoid the most harmful sun rays of the day, you must keep them away from the sun during the hours of 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. every day. During this time, if your children have to spend some time outside playing, you should keep them wearing a bucket hat until your children grow up and no longer wear the hats. But you can give them enough sun protection until your kids grow up and don’t want to wear the hat anymore.

When your children go out, you may think that any hat can offer enough sun protection for them. Of course, wearing a regular hat is better than nothing at all, but you’d better find a hat that provides the best sun protection and a hat that is specifically worn in the hot summer.

A bucket hat is a good sunhat for your kids, since it offers a very good sun protection to your kids. With its soft and comfortable fabric of the hat, to give your kids the best care in summer. Bucket hats have a wide brim and they are lightweight, packable, durable, which make your kids feel very comfortable wearing them all day. 

There are many colors and styles of bucket hats for kids, most of them are bright colors. The designs of bucket hats are mostly floral patterns or cartoon patterns. The shape of the bucket hat is not limited to the conventional bucket hats. It can be added with some elements that are more child-friendly. For example, the top of the hat can be designed as the shape of bull horns or ears, which looks very lovely.

This yellow bucket hat has a duck image which is very adorable and lovely for your kids. For the color is bright enough for you to see your kids at once from far away.

This bucket hat has heart-shaped glasses patterns. It looks pretty cool. Pink bucket hat shows a kind of Lolita Fashion. In addition, the hat’s most unique ear design adds cute attributes to the hat.

This cat-themed bucket hat adopts the cat’s original shape, with cat’s ears and cat’s beard on the hat, which is very cute. I believe your kids will also like this hat.

Tips to Choose a Bucket Hat for Your Kids

Children’s playful and curious characters make them love to explore the unknown world. Once they go out to play, they would never think of the time. However, if the children stay outdoors for a long time in summer, their delicate skin will be sunburned. If it happens, they may have some symptoms, like pain, dehydration, and even fever. Therefore, it is very important to protect your kids from the sun’s rays. The bucket hat is a must-have sunhat in summer to protect your kids from the harmful rays. Here’s what you need to know when you choose a bucket hat for your children.

Firstly, choose a bucket hat with a high UV protection factor (UPF). The UV protection factor is similar to the sun protection factor (SPF) of the sunscreen we use in our daily lives. The only difference is that UPF is for clothing, not lotions. UPF rating is also an important factor for evaluating the effectiveness of a hat’s sun protection.

If a piece of clothing or hat has a UPF of 30, it means that only 1/30th of the sun’s UV radiation will pass through the fabric and onto the human skin. The higher of the UPF rating of the hat, the higher sun protection it can offer.

Secondly, choose a hat with a wide brim. You should choose a bucket hat with the brim that should be wide and long enough to provide enough shade for your child’s face. It also can provide extra sun protection for their nose, ears and neck. You can use a bucket hat of the same length as the brim for extra protection.

Thirdly, choose a bucket hat with a chin strap. Chin straps can be tied around the child’s chin, and it is not only good for babies but also for older kids, especially for those who like to play on the beach. A bucket hat with a chin strap will keep the hat from blowing away when it is windy. For children who can’t stand the restraint of the tight chin strap, you can choose to use a drawstring cord instead. It also prevents the hat from blowing away under windy conditions. If you use a drawstring cord of straps on the chin, it is best to have a breakaway chin strap to prevent the child from choking.

Fourthly, choose a bucket hat with a sweatband. When your children are out and playing in the summer, they are energetic enough to play for several hours so that they are likely to sweat a lot. One reason is because the weather is so hot, and the other reason is that the child is very active. You may be content to sit in the shade and watch your children play in the distance. They will run around and have no any scruples for the sun. Because they sweat a lot, it will be good if the hat has a sweatband built in to absorb all the sweat on the forehead and to keep their head cool.

These are four factors you should consider when choose a bucket hat for your children, as well as for other hats.

Dress Your Children in a Bucket Hat

Most of children like to go out to play; they do not want to stay at home or in the arms of their mothers all the time. It is likely to be sunburned when the child is playing outside for a long time in the hot summer. Because the child’s skin is very delicate, they may have a series of symptoms after being sunburned, such as erythema, peeling, even more serious with large area of blisters appear on the surface of the skin. The harm of sunburn to the children is more than this. Studies have shown that as long as there is one sunburn experience in childhood, it may cause a risk of melanoma (the same risk of death as skin cancer), and even wrinkles will appear in adulthood. Therefore, it is very important to do a good sun protection for your kids.  

When it comes to sun protection, mothers always use all kinds of tools to protect their kids from the sun, such as sunscreen, sun-proof clothing and sunhat. A sun hat is a good idea for protecting your kids’ skin from getting sunburn. There are many kinds of sun hat that are different in shapes, styles and degree of UV protection what they can offer. As far as I’m concerned, the bucket hat is a good sun hat for your kids to spend a long time in the hot sun, meanwhile, it can be the decoration for your kids.

Bucket hats for kids may have many available choices and ways of collocation. Your kids do not know how to match the hat with the clothing, so it all depends on their parents. If their mothers love beauty or they are good at matching, it is easy and quick for them to dress for their kids. Here are some ways of matching a bucket hat with the clothing for your kids.

This bucket hat can be used as two hats in one because it has two-sided patterns on the hat. Its reversible design lets your kids choose between wearing a solid colored style on one side and a brightly-colored pattern on the other side, which means your kids have two ways to wear this bucket hat. The fabric of the hat is comfortable enough for your kids’ wearing.

This hat is great for babies because it has an adjustable chin strap that will fit around babies’ chins. It is unisex that is suitable for both baby boys and baby girls. The chin strap breaks away to help your children avoid choking hazards. The bucket hat has a wide brim that gives a 360 degree of sun protection for your kids’ face, nose, ears and neck. The adorable patterns on the hat will be harmony to coordinate with whatever your kids are wearing.

The top of the bucket hat has breathable mesh holes, which offers ventilation function to the hat. It will make you kids’ head keep breathable and cool even in the hot sun. The chin strap is removable and adjustable in case your kids don’t want to wear it.