Best Sun-protective Clothing

Wearing sun-protective clothing is a safe and simple way to keep the sun’s rays out of your skin and to protect your skin from UV damage. In summer, your clothing doesn’t just look great but also absorbs or blocks harmful UV radiation. It is one of the most effective methods of protection against sun damage and skin cancer. Besides, sun-protective is the simplest and safest way to keep you safe while spending time in the sun. Unlike sunscreen, you don’t need to reapply it again and again.

Sun-protective clothing features with Ultraviolet Protection Factor (UPF), which indicates how much UV radiation, includes UVA and UVB rays that a fabric allows to reach your skin. For example, a UPF factor of 50 fabric allows two percent of UV rays to penetrate, thus reducing your exposure risk significantly. It is better for you to have at least UPF of 30 because fabrics with UPF rating between 30 and 49 will provide good protection for you, while UPF rating of 50+ would give you the best protection. UPF measures the amount of UV radiation that can penetrate the fabric and reach your skin. It just like Sun Protection Factor of sunscreen, while SPF is based on the time it takes for UV exposed skin to redden. If you use sunscreen correctly, an SPF 15 sunscreen will protect your skin 15 times or even longer. UPF measures both UVA and UVB rays while SPF measures only UVB. Not all clothes have the same level of sun protection, because their different colors and fabrics. Therefore, you should consider some factors when shopping your clothing that shields you from the sun.

The first one is color. Dark or bright colors keep UV rays from reaching your skin by absorbing them rather than allowing them to penetrate. This is why these clothes offer better protection than light clothes. The second one is the structure of the clothing. Clothes are made of densely woven cloth, like denim, canvas, wool or synthetic fibers are more protective than sheer, thin and loosely woven cloth. You can check the construction of a fabric’s sun safety by holding it up to the light and see if you can see through, UV radiation can easily pass through the fabric and reach your skin.

The third one is the fabric. The composition of the fabric is really important. Unbleached cotton contains natural lignin, which can absorb ultraviolet radiation. Polyester or lightweight satiny silks are highly protective because they reflect UV radiation. High-tech fabrics treated with chemical UV absorbers or dyes can prevent UV penetration. It is also applied to a sun hat. Sun hats like bucket hats, which comes in a variety of materials and they have different levels of protection against the UV rays. It’s best to wear loose clothes. The tights clothing can stretch and reduce the level of protection because the fibers pull away from each other, allowing more UV rays to penetrate.

No matter what the UPF is, if your clothes get stretched or wet, they will lose some of their protective ability, exposing your skin to more UV rays. The more skin your clothes cover, the more protection you get. So choose long-sleeved shirts and long pants as much as possible to offer you more protection.

Best Sun Hats for Kids

You want your children to go outside playing but you are worried about they will get sunburned if they spend a lot of time outside. If so, you should do a good sun protection for your kids because they would like to go outside rather than staying at home. That means they will be exposed to the sun and the sun will damage their skin. In order to protect them from the sun and solve your worries, you should check out sun hats for kids. These sun hats let them have the carefree and fun childhood in the sun while protecting their delicate skin from the harmful UV rays. As we all know, our ears and scalps can burn in just minutes on a hot day, so it’s important to protect those areas and a hat is an effective way to do it.

A sun hat is a good idea to protect children from the very beginning. You can use a strap or a drawstring to tie the sun hat under your baby’s chin to ensure the sun hat stay put on their heads. The skin of a newborn is very delicate and not adapted to the sunlight that they can get sunburned easily. Strong sunlight can dehydrate their skin if they spend a long time under the sun. In addition, severe sunburn will cause an infant or child double their risk of developing melanoma later in life.

If you want your child to miss the most harmful sunlight of the day, keep them out of the sun between 10 a.m. and 3 p.m. each day. You should keep your child wearing a sun hat until your child no longer wants to wear as they grow bigger. But you can keep them wearing for a few years that this will give your child some protection from the sun. Teach them about sun safety at an early age, so they will remember the importance of sun protection when they grow up. The following are some nice sun hats for kids.

This white bucket hat is made of 100% cotton which is so durable and good for your baby’s sensitive skin. The sun hat with UPF 50+ rating means it will offer your kids superior sun protection. It comes with a chin strap that will keep it stay securely on their head. This is very important because your kids may take it off often.

This hat is a good idea for babies thanks to its adjustable chin strap which will make the hat fit around thinner babies. The chin strap breaks away to help avoid choking hazards. The wide brim hat also has a wide brim and a head strap to make it even more adjustable so that your baby will feel comfortable.

Big kids want to explore the world, so they need to wear a large hat to protect themselves from the sun and its harmful rays. This sun hat has a UPF rating of 30 plus that help block out a part of sunlight. It also comes a stiffened brim so that it won’t fold down around them and it will give a lot of shade.

Tips for Choosing a Camping Hat

Camping hats are a must-have accessory if you want to survive in the forest. When the weather isn’t ideal, you may want a great camping hat to protect you from whatever lurks in the woods. When it comes to the best camping hat, some styles work better than others. Some hats are specifically designed for the outdoors. They can withstand the sun and rain, and will remain their shape, such as bucket hats and safari hats.  

There are some things that you need to consider when choosing a camping hat. The first thing is UV protection. This is the most important factor for your outdoors activities, especially important at high altitudes. At high altitudes, UV radiation intensity is higher than other places. The UV radiation is not only direct but also reflective from the ground. So it is good to wear a wide-brimmed hat to block the sun’s rays out of your face, eyes and neck. Another important factor is that having a hat with a wide brim to offer you long-time sun protection. You may walk a lot and expose to the direct sunlight for several hours even a day time. The material of a good camping hat must be breathable and durable, which allows air pass through the fabric and keep your head cool as much as possible. The following are several kinds of hats for camping or hiking.

  • Camo Boonie Bucket Hat

This is the most popular hat for outdoors activities as you may see many people wearing it. It has a UPF rating of 50+ and it offers excellent sun protection to you. It is suitable to wear for many outdoor activities, such as hiking, camping, fishing and more. The hat is constructed of soft 100% polyester which is packable, so you can smash it and store in any pocket and use when necessary. The hat features a wide ventilation mesh on the crown, plus a few holes on the sides. The drawstring is adjustable, which means you can adjust it at will.

  • Outdoor Sun Hat

This sun hat is very lightweight and comfortable to wear. It provides you with the best protection from the sun as well as the rain. With the UPF factor of 50+, the hat can block the heat of the sun. The stiff and wide brim is large enough to cover your face, ears and neck. The hat has vents all around the crown, which increases breathability. The chin cord with a removable cord that used to keep your hat stays put in your head in windy conditions.

  • Outdoor Adventure Hat

The highlight of this hat is that it offers extra protection and comfort for your neck. This hat has the UPF factor rating of 50, which is better for camping. It features a large and downturned brim that will give you a completely protection for your face, ears and neck. The back cape of the hat has a velcro tab and another tab on the crown. So you can roll it up and attach it to the crown. The hat has a good breathability thanks to mesh panels on the crown. It will keep you cool while camping.

1910s Men’s Working Class Outfits

The Edwardian working class men had to wear second-hand or very cheap ready-made clothes. Men’s work clothing was dark, loose and most importantly, must be durable. Working class clothing was mainly practical with little emphasis on style. Second-hand clothing styles were based on late Victorian and the early 20th century designs, but with minor modifications. Middle classes or management men can wear suits and ties to distinguish themselves from lower-class workers. Hence the term “blue collar worker”. A gentleman was the only one who can afford to wear perfect clothes. Often, the only difference between the upper and lower classes was the material and fit. Men often wore the same clothes after work and only wore their best clothes for church and special occasions.

For a working-class man, two pairs of trousers, two or three shirts, a vest, a light jacket, a heavy jacket, one or two hat, a belt, and a pair of boots constituted a decent wardrobe for them. Men’s overall were loose that to ensure maximum movement and comfort in labor-intensive occupations. Men’s work pants were usually made of wool tweed, corduroy, cotton drill and duck cloth or denim. The pockets of overalls were large enough to hold all kinds of tools. There were also button-on suspenders, and in later years they became popular with men who did not wear vests or jackets in the summer. The front of a man’s work shirt had a long placket down with a pullover pattern in the middle, rather than a full button-down oxford shirt. 

The men’s workwear were available in dark grey, navy blue, black, khaki and brown. Railroad workers often wore vertical engineer stripes or tartan plaid, which became an acceptable winter shirt in the later years. Men of higher class wore ties, while working men wore a thin scarf loosely around their neck. The distinctive item of the working-class man was a full vest. A post-war supply of leather jackets and leftover khaki woolen vests started a new trend in men’s vested jackets. The sleeves were added to the vest, making it a casual yet very warm and affordable working-class jacket.

Some upper-class men wore this vest jacket for sport clothes. The other jackets of the working class were lightweight working clothes. People in lower professions wore similar jackets made of denim, wool or cloth in dark colors. In colder weather, the sheep lined jackets or mackinaw coats were the better choices for workers. Roll-neck knit sweaters and cardigans were favored by most men. Fishermen often wore knit sweaters, especially after the war, when men got used to the sweaters provided by the army, and wearing sweaters as overalls became more and more popular. Although the color was still dark, it had gradually added some bright colors, such as maroon, blue, gray and green.

The most conspicuous feature of a worker was his hat. The bowler or a fedora hat was usually worn by gentlemen and men in higher professions, while working-class men often wore a cap. The cap worn by workers was cheaper than other hats. In winter, hat makers used heavy cloth or fur with fold-down flaps to keep ears warm. Fishermen and farmers usually wore the bucket hat to protect them from the sun and rain.

Men’s Summer Hats

A hat is definitely a must-have piece of item for men. Wearing a hat needs confidence. Not everyone can make it, like a classic fedora. However, if you can do it, you will stand out from the crowd. If you’re not sure how to wear different styles of hats, this guide will give you some tips on how to wear different hats.

Whether you want to wear it or not, the style of your hat tells others a lot about you. People have a prejudice against hats. They can easily judge you by the hat you wear. For example, if you wear a fedora, people think you’re an elegant person, and if you wear a trucker hat, you’re usually easygoing and calm. You should take this into account when choosing a summer hat for yourself.

To be honest, men’s hats don’t come in many distinctive styles. Of course, there have different shapes in hats, but the main shapes of hats have been fixed. Let’s take caps and fedoras as an example. Both designs are timeless because they have been around for decades. The hat only has visor in the front, and the brim of the fedora goes all around the hat. Most hat styles are based on these two designs. Subtle variations in shape, detail, and material and brim size makes the differences in hat styles. Most types of hats have a visor in the front, for example, an all-round brimmed hat and a fedora have a visor to protect your eyes from glaring sunlight.

Following we have listed several styles of hats for men.

  • Summer Caps

Caps are very common among men and they are idea for casual looks. The distinct feature of the cap is the long visor on the front of the hat. It can keep your face protected from the sun and block the harmful UV rays away from your eyes. The cap is easy to wear even you are not the most confident person. A cap can be worn with most of your causal outfit.

  • Summer Bucket Hats

If you are going for a cool style hat, then a bucket hat is the best companion for you. Bucket hats often with a small and medium brim which can cover your face and eyes; also there are some bucket hats with wide brim that can protect your face, ears and even your neck. If you will expose to the sun for a long period of time, you should choose a wide-brimmed bucket hat to offer you the best protection.

  • Wide Brim Sun Hats

If you like to spend time outdoors, you’d better choose a wide brim sun hat. A wide-brimmed sun hat is perfect for all outdoor activities, such as fishing, camping, hiking and more. The wide brim can protect your face and neck from the sun and its UV rays. Most of them have a chin strap or drawstring to ensure the hat stay put on your head even on windy weather. These hats are durable and comfortable to wear because they are made of soft and breathable materials.

These styles above are most stylish and comfortable for men to wear. No matter what you are planning to do, you should wear a summer hat to protect yourself from sunburn.

Wonderful Beach Time with Your kids

The happiest and sweetest thing is to enjoy the holiday time with your families on the beach.

When it comes to the sea, we often think of sea breezes, sunshine, sea waves and sea gulls hovering over the sea. Before you go to the beach, you must make full preparations for sun protection. For there are no natural shade for protecting you from the sun, besides, the sand and the sea water will reflect the heat of the sun. Therefore, you need to do sun protection for yourself and your families, especially for your kids. Children’s skin is tender and delicate that they cannot stay for a long time in the sun.

Here we have concluded some tips for sun protection.

No. 1 Apply the sunscreen

Wearing sunscreen is the easiest and most convenient way to protect you from getting sunburned. The best way to apply the sunscreen is to slather the cream when you are totally naked. You should apply it on your whole body, including your face, legs, arms and neck and any parts that will be exposed to the sun.

Besides, you should choose a sunscreen with water-repellent features if you are going to swim or surf on the water.

No. 2 Build an oasis

A sun umbrella may not come in the first to your mind. You may think why I need a sun umbrella while playing on the water. Before your kids get tired of running or just want to lie in their mom’s arms, you have to find some shade. There is no natural shelter on the beach, so you may need to build a shade fortress, for example, a tent or a large sun umbrella provide your family with enough room and your will be fully protected. Then you can lie on the beach chair to enjoy peaceful and harmony time.

No. 3 Wearing a pair of sunglasses

The sunlight is pretty harsh that it will sting your eyes when it is sunny days. Thus, you need a pair of sunglasses to keep your eyes out of ultraviolet rays. In outdoor activities, especially in the summer, sunglasses are needed to block the sun to reduce the fatigue caused by eye adjustment or the damage caused by strong sunlight. Wear sunglasses with blue lenses for playing fun activities on the beach. Blue can effectively filter the light blue reflected from the sea and sky.

No. 4 Wearing a sun hat

If you kids are very active for the beach and they want to run around in there, wearing a sun hat is the best way to protect them from the sun. Sun hats with wide brim can protect your face, ears and neck. There are many kinds of sun hats in the market. Here I would like to recommend you the fabulous bucket hat uk that can be worn in most occasions, like fishing, camping, hiking and more. Bucket hats for the beach can protect you from the sun as well as to keep off the glare from your eyes. The hat comes with many colors and design patterns, you can choose some hats with floral pattern if you like, or you just select the solid-colored one, such as white, black and more.

The Most Considerate Care Begins with a Bucket Hat

Do you want your children to play outdoors, but you are worried about sun protection? If so, you should choose a good sunhat for your children. This hat allows them to spend a carefree, happy childhood in the sun, while protecting their delicate skin from harmful UV rays.

On sunny days, kids’ ears and scalps will be burned in just a few minutes on a sunny day, so it is very important to protect these sensitive areas. Because they have nature of purity, fun and curiosity, wearing a sunhat is a quick and easy way to protect them from the hot sun.

Kids bucket hat is a good idea for newborns. You can tie the hat under your kids’ chin, so that it can stay on their head.

A newborn’s skin is very delicate, thus they cannot stay for a long time in the hot sun. Otherwise, it is easy to get sunburned. If they stay for a very long time in the sun, it might cause them to dehydrate. If you want your children to avoid the most harmful sun rays of the day, you must keep them away from the sun during the hours of 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. every day. During this time, if your children have to spend some time outside playing, you should keep them wearing a bucket hat until your children grow up and no longer wear the hats. But you can give them enough sun protection until your kids grow up and don’t want to wear the hat anymore.

When your children go out, you may think that any hat can offer enough sun protection for them. Of course, wearing a regular hat is better than nothing at all, but you’d better find a hat that provides the best sun protection and a hat that is specifically worn in the hot summer.

A bucket hat is a good sunhat for your kids, since it offers a very good sun protection to your kids. With its soft and comfortable fabric of the hat, to give your kids the best care in summer. Bucket hats have a wide brim and they are lightweight, packable, durable, which make your kids feel very comfortable wearing them all day. 

There are many colors and styles of bucket hats for kids, most of them are bright colors. The designs of bucket hats are mostly floral patterns or cartoon patterns. The shape of the bucket hat is not limited to the conventional bucket hats. It can be added with some elements that are more child-friendly. For example, the top of the hat can be designed as the shape of bull horns or ears, which looks very lovely.

This yellow bucket hat has a duck image which is very adorable and lovely for your kids. For the color is bright enough for you to see your kids at once from far away.

This bucket hat has heart-shaped glasses patterns. It looks pretty cool. Pink bucket hat shows a kind of Lolita Fashion. In addition, the hat’s most unique ear design adds cute attributes to the hat.

This cat-themed bucket hat adopts the cat’s original shape, with cat’s ears and cat’s beard on the hat, which is very cute. I believe your kids will also like this hat.

Tips to Choose a Bucket Hat for Your Kids

Children’s playful and curious characters make them love to explore the unknown world. Once they go out to play, they would never think of the time. However, if the children stay outdoors for a long time in summer, their delicate skin will be sunburned. If it happens, they may have some symptoms, like pain, dehydration, and even fever. Therefore, it is very important to protect your kids from the sun’s rays. The bucket hat is a must-have sunhat in summer to protect your kids from the harmful rays. Here’s what you need to know when you choose a bucket hat for your children.

Firstly, choose a bucket hat with a high UV protection factor (UPF). The UV protection factor is similar to the sun protection factor (SPF) of the sunscreen we use in our daily lives. The only difference is that UPF is for clothing, not lotions. UPF rating is also an important factor for evaluating the effectiveness of a hat’s sun protection.

If a piece of clothing or hat has a UPF of 30, it means that only 1/30th of the sun’s UV radiation will pass through the fabric and onto the human skin. The higher of the UPF rating of the hat, the higher sun protection it can offer.

Secondly, choose a hat with a wide brim. You should choose a bucket hat with the brim that should be wide and long enough to provide enough shade for your child’s face. It also can provide extra sun protection for their nose, ears and neck. You can use a bucket hat of the same length as the brim for extra protection.

Thirdly, choose a bucket hat with a chin strap. Chin straps can be tied around the child’s chin, and it is not only good for babies but also for older kids, especially for those who like to play on the beach. A bucket hat with a chin strap will keep the hat from blowing away when it is windy. For children who can’t stand the restraint of the tight chin strap, you can choose to use a drawstring cord instead. It also prevents the hat from blowing away under windy conditions. If you use a drawstring cord of straps on the chin, it is best to have a breakaway chin strap to prevent the child from choking.

Fourthly, choose a bucket hat with a sweatband. When your children are out and playing in the summer, they are energetic enough to play for several hours so that they are likely to sweat a lot. One reason is because the weather is so hot, and the other reason is that the child is very active. You may be content to sit in the shade and watch your children play in the distance. They will run around and have no any scruples for the sun. Because they sweat a lot, it will be good if the hat has a sweatband built in to absorb all the sweat on the forehead and to keep their head cool.

These are four factors you should consider when choose a bucket hat for your children, as well as for other hats.

Dress Your Children in a Bucket Hat

Most of children like to go out to play; they do not want to stay at home or in the arms of their mothers all the time. It is likely to be sunburned when the child is playing outside for a long time in the hot summer. Because the child’s skin is very delicate, they may have a series of symptoms after being sunburned, such as erythema, peeling, even more serious with large area of blisters appear on the surface of the skin. The harm of sunburn to the children is more than this. Studies have shown that as long as there is one sunburn experience in childhood, it may cause a risk of melanoma (the same risk of death as skin cancer), and even wrinkles will appear in adulthood. Therefore, it is very important to do a good sun protection for your kids.  

When it comes to sun protection, mothers always use all kinds of tools to protect their kids from the sun, such as sunscreen, sun-proof clothing and sunhat. A sun hat is a good idea for protecting your kids’ skin from getting sunburn. There are many kinds of sun hat that are different in shapes, styles and degree of UV protection what they can offer. As far as I’m concerned, the bucket hat is a good sun hat for your kids to spend a long time in the hot sun, meanwhile, it can be the decoration for your kids.

Bucket hats for kids may have many available choices and ways of collocation. Your kids do not know how to match the hat with the clothing, so it all depends on their parents. If their mothers love beauty or they are good at matching, it is easy and quick for them to dress for their kids. Here are some ways of matching a bucket hat with the clothing for your kids.

This bucket hat can be used as two hats in one because it has two-sided patterns on the hat. Its reversible design lets your kids choose between wearing a solid colored style on one side and a brightly-colored pattern on the other side, which means your kids have two ways to wear this bucket hat. The fabric of the hat is comfortable enough for your kids’ wearing.

This hat is great for babies because it has an adjustable chin strap that will fit around babies’ chins. It is unisex that is suitable for both baby boys and baby girls. The chin strap breaks away to help your children avoid choking hazards. The bucket hat has a wide brim that gives a 360 degree of sun protection for your kids’ face, nose, ears and neck. The adorable patterns on the hat will be harmony to coordinate with whatever your kids are wearing.

The top of the bucket hat has breathable mesh holes, which offers ventilation function to the hat. It will make you kids’ head keep breathable and cool even in the hot sun. The chin strap is removable and adjustable in case your kids don’t want to wear it.